We are delighted that you are seeking God’s blessing on your life together, and welcome the possibility of celebrating your marriage here in St John’s Fremantle.

Here are some frequently asked questions –


St John’s Church is available for weddings on most days of the year. St John’s is not available on Sundays, Christmas Day, Easter Day, and some other dates. To avoid disappointment, please check early with Church Office.


You do not need to be Anglicans to be married in here, but the Anglican Church requires that both (or at least one of you) be baptized Christians. For many people, this will mean having been christened as a baby. For others, this is an opportunity to explore the whole area of faith. What do you really believe about the world and life in the world? What values do I bring to this marriage? How will we live together as a married couple? How will we bring up any children of our marriage? The priest will be happy to listen to you, and help you address some of these big questions.


Only the Anglican marriage rite may be used in Anglican churches, and this must always be celebrated by an ordained and licenced priest. Clergy from other churches may be involved in various ways in marriages here by invitation of the Rector, but may not perform the marriage itself.


Music needs to be discussed and arranged with Daniel Masmanian, our professional Organist. Daniel is a talented musician, and plays the historic St John’s pipe organ at all weddings. Additional musicians and singers are always welcome, but arrangements need to be made with Daniel well in advance. Recorded music is usually forbidden because quality cannot be guaranteed. No negotiations will be entered into to exclude the church’s Organist from any marriage.


A donation of $1500 covers all the expenses associated with a church wedding, and also makes a contribution to the continuing ministry and mission of St John’s. To secure a date and time, we require a non-refundable deposit of $150. This is payable by direct debit to the parish account, or cash. So that we can accurately identify your donation, please fill every description line in your direct deposit transaction, and write your surnames, and label it ‘Marriage Donation.’ The parish bank account details you require are:

  • Anglican Parish of Fremantle
  • BSB 706001
  • Account Number 30003019


You are welcome to take photos and videos before, during, and after the ceremony, and the priest encourages this by arranging photo opportunities during the service – for example, when you are signing of the Marriage Register and other legal documents. It is a courtesy for professional photographers to introduce themselves to the priest so that they know in advance about opportunities for good coverage of your special day, and also necessary restrictions associated with this. We need to strike a balance between keeping the focus on you (not the photographer!), while obtaining a full photographic record.

Wedding Photos by Kevin McGinn


The cost of flowers is included in the marriage donation. You will appreciate that there are usually several church marriages in any week, which means we can have very attractive flowers specially arranged for these occasions by our expert Flower Guild. It is not possible to specify colours, but our flower arrangers are experienced in what best enhances St John’s. Extra flowers may be added at your own expense, but only be special arrangement with the priest.


More often than not in 21st century Australia, couples will not both belong to the same religious family – both Anglican, to pluck an example out of thin air. It is far more likely that one will be Anglican and the other Roman Catholic, or one Christian and the other Muslim, or one or other or both may be a bit uncertain about their faith identity. Different cultures and belief systems should be seen as enriching your life together, rather than a problem, although different belief systems can cause difficulties down the track, particularly over the raising and education of children. It is advisable to discuss these issues between yourselves at the earliest possible stage rather than defer the issues. The priest will also be very happy to assist you in every possible way.


The average marriage ceremony happens within the space of 30 minutes. Your church booking is for one full hour, allowing plenty of time for photos afterwards in beautiful King’s Square. Where your marriage takes place in the context of a Nuptial Mass, of course, the ceremony will last approximately 50 minutes.


We take care of the parking for you by reserving 8 bays for parking at the front of the Church for your wedding cars. You'll need to inform your guests that they can park nearby and walk to the church. Queensgate is the nearest!


Rose petals can be thrown outside the church, but not inside, but it is your responsibility to clean these up. They can be a health and safety issue, especially if it rains. Under no circumstances can paper confetti or rice be used. Please respect this - It is an expression of concern for our local environment. Bubbles are fine!


The priest will arrange a full rehearsal for everyone involved in your marriage – bridesmaids and groomsmen, witnesses, readers, musicians, etc – a few days prior to the occasion. You need two witnesses, both over the age of 18 years. No other qualification is specified, and witnesses need not be family members.


  • Download and complete the Notice of Intended Marriage
  • Call or email Church Office to arrange to meet Fr Patrick
  • Bring your completed Notice of Intended Marriage with you to this meeting, together with original Birth Certificates or current Passports, and any other legal documents such as Divorce Certificates. If a previous marriage ended on the death of your partner, the priest may also need to see the Death Certificate.


Located in Shop 10, 124 High Street (directly opposite the church, next to St John's Books), Church Office is open Monday to Thursday 9am-2pm, and always welcomes visitors.

Alternatively, you can call Giselle on 08 9335 2213, or at