Welcome to the Anglican Parish of St John's Fremantle and St Peter's Palmyra. We are a community in which visitors, friends, and members find renewal and refreshment for life in the home, at work, and in public life.

If you are new to Fremantle or seeking a spiritual home, we invite you to join us for Sunday worship or a weekday mass. Days and times for these services can be found on this website as well as the printed bulletins available in church.

Through worship, spiritual formation, and acts of compassion, we are drawn into the mystery of the God who loves and accepts all persons. We are an inclusive church, and a glorious mix of people call St John’s and St Peter's their home.

  • Visitors are often delighted by the solemnity and beauty of our worship as well as the friendliness and easy-going nature of our community. We’re a friendly crowd but we try not to be pushy, and will respect you and your needs.
  • As an Anglo-Catholic parish, we celebrate the ancient rituals of Christianity – with incense, silence and stillness, beautiful music, engaging preaching, physical gestures, and a profound sense of prayerfulness that unites the worshipping assembly. If any or all of this is new to you, simply relax in worship and let the assembly carry you.
  • You are always welcome to ask any question about our distinctive form of worship, our common life, and what it means to be both “catholic” and “Anglican.” There is no such thing as a silly question!
  • We don't believe you should have to leave your intellect at the door on the way in. Thoughtful preaching, quiet mornings of reflection, reading groups, classes that welcome a variety of viewpoints, and refusing to dumb down all mark the ethos of spiritual formation at St John’s. We’re not the kind of community that dodges the challenging questions.
  • As an urban parish, we are committed to our neighbourhood. We value the ways in which our friends and members serve the city through their daily living and work. Here we foster a spirit of commitment and care for others and the earth. Indeed, what we say and do in worship informs and guides our commitments to justice and peace.

We hope you will explore more of who we are on our parish website.

We look forward to seeing you at St John’s or St Peter's sometime soon!