Located right in the heart of Fremantle, St John’s is a spiritual home for those seeking a soulful and integrated Christian community that embraces the dignity of body, mind and spirit out of a conviction that the saving love of Christ Jesus calls us to no less than this.

We are a progressive, Anglican, Anglo-Catholic parish that welcomes all, without precondition, and which is centered in the depth and power of rich ancient prayer, liturgy, and music. Within this experience, our diverse community encounters a God who both reassures and challenges, and who is mediated to us through the beauty and profundity of symbolic actions, readings, prayers, singing, silence and stillness.

We gather on Sundays as God’s loved people; some in jeans, others more dressed up, some single, some married or partnered, some with children and some not, some from an Anglican background and many more from other church backgrounds or no recent church backgrounds. We fully use the treasures of A Prayer Book for Australia (1995) as well as the Book of Common Prayer (1662), and music chosen from other carefully selected sources.

We are a community that values Christian formation, the arts, the presence of children in our midst and the ever-challenging call to act on our baptismal identity, engaging in concrete actions that contribute to justice and peace in the world and in our immediate neighborhood.

We value praying and worshipping together, but also learning, studying and socialising together. We strive to be a supportive and caring community, serving the needs of the parish and bringing the light of Christ to both friend and stranger.